Which Zello Walkie Talkie App Is Yours: Personal vs Work Mode

Which Zello Walkie Talkie App Is Yours: Personal vs Work Mode

Zello Walkie Talkie is a number one application for instant audio messaging. It’s perfect for creating personal family and friend chats, organizing your own podcast or radio station and also as a walkie talkie for workers of relatively small enterprises. However, the basic Zello Walkie Talkie app may not be enough for large business teams and professional organizations. Developers of Zello Walkie Talkie designed a more secure and sophisticated ZelloWork app for professional use. Let’s find out which app suits you better!

Personal Zello Walkie Talkie App Review

A consumer version of Zello app is an online walkie talkie that lets you exchange short audio messages using PTT technology.


  • You can enter regular conversations with your contacts or organize private and public channels for information exchange and broadcasting.

  • Unlike other audio messengers, Zello uses live-streaming audio technology, so there is no lag time for your messages. The weak point here is that you can’t keep the received messages for long: if you haven’t been able to listen to the message that was sent to your for more than a week, it will be deleted automatically from History.

  • There’s a limit of 1200 people per one channel which is quite a lot!

  • Besides audio messaging, you can also send text messages, images, share your location or a message from other conversation.

  • Zello has a strict security policy so that channels that haven’t attributed their age limits are equated to 18+ channels and wouldn’t be displayed in search. It wouldn’t allow any spam or bots terrorize you or your channels: options for declining a request or blocking a user are handy and efficient.

  • Personal Zello app is completely free but you won’t find annoying ads there, and that’s another strong point.    

ZelloWork App Review

Creators of Zello Walkie Talkie faced the limits to the basic version as it gained wide recognition among large business teams and organizations.

  • Unlike Personal Zello app walkie talkie, this version includes a console for web management where organization personnel can create channels and edit their settings. Everything about business channels can be customized, starting from group and role assignments and ending with the control of who can listen to them.

  • ZelloWork allows you to create an unlimited number of channels with the limit of 3500 users per one.

  • Enterprise version provides a radio gateway so that if using two-way radios is crucial for you there’s always a possibility of integration of other smart devices.

  • Most enterprises choose to operate ZelloWork as a cloud-based application on specially dedicated Zello servers, but it can also be hosted on the organization’s server.

  • A real-time mapping feature helps the managing team locate every Walkie Talkie user of their channel. An indispensable feature for transportation companies

  • The data protection here is much more solid: with AES 256-bit encryption for audio and RSA 1024-bit for authentification all your channels are excellently secured.

  • ZelloWork is a paid product, but it has a 30 days free trial for 10 persons to bring you up to date. It costs $6 per month with additional payments of $4 for Message Vault and $3 for Premium Maps.

The Choice Is Yours

Creators of Zello App have managed to make a product that is suitable for personal use as much as for the big enterprises. The Personal Zello Walkie Talkie opportunities are limited, but you wouldn’t notice its limits if you use it for socializing and chatting with your family. ZelloWork app, on the other hand, can be a must-have for enterprises that find two-way radio system too expensive or need to integrate it with smart devices.