Create Your Own Radio Station and Survive the Disaster: Ways to Use Channels in Zello Walkie Talkie App

Create Your Own Radio Station and Survive the Disaster: Ways to Use Channels in Zello Walkie Talkie App

Zello is a free walkie talkie app that works perfectly for both fun group chats and emergency situations. Zello Channels are probably the greatest thing about this app that makes it distinct from all the other walkie talkie programs. Channels are unofficial live talk forums and every Zello user is able to create and moderate them. There are public channels for every chat imagined that you can join freely at any time and communicate with up to 5000 other Zello users.    

Subscribing to channels and creating your own

To join the channel select option Channels in the main menu, tap ‘+’ then ‘Find a channel’ and type in the name of a channel or keywords to find it. When you found one, add it to your channel list. To create a channel tap ‘+’ then ‘ Create a channel’. Here you can name your channel, assign its category, write a description and make arrangements for privacy settings and age restrictions. When you create a channel, you become its moderator and will have to watch out for inappropriate behaviour. If you’re not made for this job, you can pass your moderation duties to someone else.

Zello channel tools and hacks

There are many ways for using Zello Walkie Talkie channels, depending on the channel type and its purpose. The most private and widespread usage is information sharing. If you have hobbies or interests you want to share with like-minded users, you can find an existing channel on a topic you’re interested in and join it or create your own. Say, you’re a pigeon breeder and you want to communicate with other hobbyists: tap ‘pigeon’, ‘pigeon breeding’, ‘birds’ or ‘ornithology’ in a ‘Find a channel’ field and subscribe to one of the found channels.

Creating a Channel

Or choose to create your own channel. Give it a name ‘US Pigeon breeders’ (or any other name you like) and send your friends invitations to the channel. You can make it a strictly private channel by using a password or it can be of a ‘Zelect’ or ‘Zelect+’ type. In ‘Zelect’ mode only channel administrator and appointed trusted users can talk, but anybody can listen. In ‘Zelect+’ mode new users cannot talk or listen and must gain trust of the channel team to participate. There is also an ‘Anyone can talk’ mode, which is supposed to be the democratic way of communication, but you’ll be busy dealing with trolls most of the time.

Zello Radio

Another way of using Zello channels is as your own radio platform. For example, you have a business you want to advertise or you want to make your own radio show or blog. Then your mode of choice will be ‘Listen Only’: all your subscribers will not be able to talk or interrupt your podcasts in any other way. You can add moderators and let other users talk when needed: participants for a radio interview or a discussion you’ve started can enter your channel this way. You can promote your podcast or show through social media and invite people through Zello app.

Zello coordination abilities

The third main way of using Zello channels is probably the answer to why this app is so popular. It’s widely used for coordination. Zello Walkie Talkie is the application of choice for emergency situations like natural disaster or civil unrest. It can coordinate large groups of people in wide areas and totally replaces a two-way-radio. Just remember that this app needs Internet to work! If your cell network is not operational, Zello won’t work either. Many businesses and public services, such as schools, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, taxi services are using Zello instead of old-fashioned radios. There is a Zello@Work version for a wider choice of professional options.

Don’t miss it!

Zello is a perfect tool for coordination, radio subscription, public commercials or simple big family chit-chat. The choice is yours.