Does Zello Walkie Talkie work when the internet is down?

Does Zello Walkie Talkie work when the internet is down?

Zello walkie-talkie has already shown itself as one of the most helpful things during natural catastrophes, including Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in Florida, back in the 2017 year. Its ability to work in extreme situation, when why wifi connection is low or down helped people to find each other or get help in time. Unless the cell towers are broken, and wi-fi is not reachable, the app works.

The app earned its popularity thanks to the viral ads on social media. It was represented as one of the most needed services during an emergency. That is partly true. Does Zello Walkie Talkie work when the internet is down? If you have cell service with 2 or 3G connection, the app will work. If you don’t, and there is no electricity, no cell towers, no WiFi available, be aware, you need to find the other way to communicate.

How to use the app

Zello app is free and unlike any other free apps, it does not contain distractive and annoying ads. However, you need to create your own account, if you need to use Zello. Usually, it takes up to a few minutes. Create an account after you download the app.

Remember! You don’t need to provide detailed information about you. If you want you can place your photo, voice greeting or description there. If you don’t want, so just leave it empty. Press Skip this.

Zello app has a simple interface without any extra offers. It was made for quick navigation in the times when every second may be countable. So, it is better to enter your profile in advance. To open the menu, click the button with the same name on it. You can  change the volume level, in the menu, change the status, open contacts, see the channels that available.

Recents option gives you a fast approach of your latest deeds. To go further, pick Options. It will provide other setting to you. You are able to either join the channels that already exist or create the new one. If you are not sure what channels are available now, tap on Add Channels and go to the Trending Channels. Open it, and see if there is a channel you want to join.

Trending channels option also provides you updates on the latest news. You can see the most popular topics in this section. It may give you an idea of the safest or the most dangerous places during the natural catastrophe. Unsurprisingly, trending channels near the hurricanes will be only about it. Click on the channel to receive an overview of what other participants of the chat are discussing before you join in.

After you have entered the channel, you are able to hear audio messages from other members of the conversation. It works similar to the police scanner. You are able to listen to everything that is posted in this channel. Before the severe storm, it is better to check the work of the app. Test it. The chances are you will hear other people doing the same thing.

There is a list of users in the channel revealed to you. Some of them leave voice messages to others. You are able to listen to these messages.

If you don’t want to hear all the audio messages, you don’t have to. You can easily turn off these transmissions by tapping on the button Power in the upper right corner near the icon with the eye. The sound will be muted while you will remain the member of the channel.

There is always a chance that you will want to transmit the message to the community by yourself. In this case press the button Record with a microphone on it. Find the button with Camera on it and take a photo, to send it to the community, if you want to. Your message will be posted to the channel, so everyone will be able to hear it, see it, and send respond to you.

Can Zello really work without internet?

People who faced the Hurricane destructive power in action were trying to use this walkie-talkie without the Internet. And while Zello provided few tools for communication in extreme situation, it still required access to the internet or cellular info to continue to function. The app turns the phone into two-way radio or walkie-talkie.

Zello has to use voices over IP form to stay active. It is not similar to Nextel devices that work with shuttered PTT network. Both end of the conversation need to have LTE or WiFi connection. Moreover, servers of Zello can’t fully work while they are overburdened. You need to see if they are operational.

The main confusion was called after users misinterpreted the info on the cell towers function. Usually, cell towers are used for internet connection as well, and not just for the phone calls. So, it is just another way to stay connected to the internet. The minimal requirement of Zello walkie-talkie app is a cellular network of 2G or 3G. If you can’t connect to wifi, try 2G internet from your phone. Make sure this function is still available on your phone. Open your settings and find out whether it is possible to use the cellular network.

After that period of hurricanes begin the number of Zello app users increased significantly. The misinformation on the ability to use this walkie-talkie-like program without an internet connection forced Zello developers to write an open letter with a warning that this app still needs at least a cellular regular network.

Without any doubts, Zello is a really important app during the natural catastrophe. It may help to locate people or spread the word about potentially dangerous places, hot spots and the save areas. It is extremely easy to use and does not need any special software. However, it will not work without a connection to wifi or cell towers.