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  • Developer: Zello Inc
  • Genre: Social
  • Version: Release
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Official information

Release Date 29 Mar 2012
Developer Zello Inc
Publisher Zello Inc
Genre Social
Language AR, BG, ZH, HR, NL, EN, FR, HE, ID, IT, JA, NB, PL, PT, RU, ZH, ES, SV, TR
System Android, iOS
Version Release


Zello Walkie Talkie

What about exchanging voice messages instead of texting? It’s faster, it can be done without caring for your spelling, and it saves more emotion than typed speech. Voice messages capture your environment, so they provide more information than you speak out.

That is, an Internet walkie-talkie makes sense. Unlike VoIP services providing duplex voice connection, Zello offers simplex (one way) voice transferring, and messages are saved in the channel. That means, they all remain available after being said. And yet you can listen to them in real time. It’s great for coordinating groups of people in abroad voyages, touristic or extreme ventures, in group work, and so on.

Founded in 2011, Zello now has about 120 million users. The format offered by it is attractive in different situations, so it has its stable audience.

Walkie-Talkie Private and Public

The idea of Internet walkie-talkie isn’t new. Push-to-Talk option has been around for long. But Internet ubiquity made it possible to reach new heights. Zello utilizes all the potential of constant connection across different devices.

In order to register, you need to enter your name and email and create a unique login. The phone number isn’t necessary; just an email would do. That’s not like VoIP services like WhatsApp or Telegram, linking accounts to phone numbers and contact books.

Zello can scan your contact book too, but it doesn’t automatically add all its users it finds in there. It shows you the list, and then you decide who to invite to your Zello list (like you used to do in ICQ or Jabber clients). After you send requests, you’ll need to wait until it’s accepted or declined. So no one appears in your list accidentally; neither can you be added to anyone’s list unless you agree to.

By the way, you can pre-adjust users’ volume, and your changes will apply as you hear them broadcast. It depends on what mics they have and how loud they sound.

As you use Zello, you can select your status:

  • Online. Anyone can send you voice messages, and you will be notified of them.

  • Solo. You are online only for one specified contact you keep open now. Others won’t bother you.

  • Busy. You will receive no notifications. So you need to open the app to see your messages, and they will not be real time ones.

  • Offline. You are out of reach, but you can listen to messages from the app cache.

You can speak out from any mode (except for Offline). There’ll be no mode conflict across various device: as you log in from another device, the one you’ve been online from will be disconnected immediately. So no one will abuse it in your absence.

One Push Communication

When do you need a walkie-talkie rather than a regular messenger? In extreme haste, when you don’t have time to type or search for long. So, to start talking, you only need to select the channel. Then push and hold the button in the middle of the screen and talk. You can record up to one minute of speech, and it’s sent in real time. As soon as it’s uploaded (if there are no issues with it), it can be heard by everyone in the channel. Normally it’s in real time too. If it’s private, it will be your vis-à-vis. And in public channel, everyone who listens to it will hear it.

Unlike Facebook or other services of public communications, Zello doesn’t apply any rules to content on channels. Its administrators can add and ban users as they wish; generally, they publish the rules in the channels in audio format, so you can listen to it before joining.

Public channels can be about anything – from politics and religion to weather and dating. They usually join people of the same views; otherwise, they fall into constant quarrels, and its generators get banned quickly.

Raise Your Fist and Zell

The most exciting thing our Zello review should mention (and many would agree) is its public channels system. That’s a great way to get news from disaster, war or riot areas in real time: Zello has become a default communication way for these situations already. It doesn’t require much traffic, due to strong audio compression, and still provides decent recording quality. No wonder that Zello download rate grows in endangered areas.

Popular channels may feature millions of users. They speak in the queue, and sometimes there are more of them than it can contain, so you’ll need to skip some to keep up with real time. A hooligan or a troll can be a real menace to these channels until kicked out. Unluckily, they appear too often, and voice changing tools keep them from being recognized again until they get tired of it.

But this time is mostly gone. Now Zello is primarily a practical tool for exchanging voice messages in real time.

If you administer your own channel, you can do it with a desktop app. It’s been specifically designed for moderation; hardly you will need regular walkie-talkie communication from your PC.


So, Zello is a great tool for personal communication in a strange or extreme environment. Simplex mode guarantees you will be heard well, and so will others on your channel. All the chats are stored. In disaster or war areas Zello becomes the best way of spreading the news (if there’s any Internet connection left).


Note that:

  • Some countries try to ban Zello. If you happen to live in Russia, Venezuela, or any other country known for blocking apps, you may encounter ban now or later. Use Orbot or generic VPN services (like Turbo VPN) to access servers privately. Your identity will be intact.

  • Zello app for Android can be controlled via any Bluetooth headset. You need to install Tasker app and its AutoVoice plug-in. Then set AutoVoice to start when you push the button, and set Zello to start at button push in Tasker. Tasker Club Zello channel will help you with more details. There is also Smart Bluetooth Headset, the app for remapping Bluetooth headset buttons. Alas, iOS users cannot enjoy these features.


In regular life, you may prefer another way of communicating. But in certain situations Zello is irreplaceable. So keep it on your phone, even if you’re not an active user of it for now. And, creating a group that should be kept aware of your common news, connect all of its members in a Zello channel. It helps.


  • In regular communication duplex VoIP services do better
  • In some countries Zello is officially banned


  • It’s the best Internet walkie-talkie so far
  • Easy interface
  • Controllable contact list
  • Many public channels
  • Great as an emergency communication service